Let’s do that!

Next time you are trying to decide on something to do (or figure out how to do something) and one person comes up with a good idea, try this:

그렇게 합시다! – Let’s do that! (literally, “let’s do it that way”)

Or, if you have a good idea, and want to share it, try this:

이렇게 합시다. – How about this

… then proceed to to explain your idea.

Bonus Material!

1. With close friends or kids: 그렇게 하자! 이렇게 하자!

2. In general, the -읍시다 pattern can be used with a group (or at least one other person) to say, “Let’s X!” or “Shall we X?” when you believe the group’s response will probably be positive. Here are a few more examples:

  • 갑시다 – Shall we go? (often used to leave a restaurant after a meal)
  • 먹읍시다 – Let’s eat!
  • 한잔 합시다 – Let’s have a drink together! (alcohol, that is)

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